Until now nagiging emotional pa din ako everytime na naiisip ko yung A Rocket to the Moon and their break up.sobrang di ako makamove-on. sobrang di ko matanggap

parang mapapaisip ka talaga “what went wrong?” They all looked so happy and the band was perfect. (was </3)

I’ve read the interview and they said na parang medyo magulo ata nung ginagawa nila yung Wild & Free and they need to go on their own ways pero ang sakit pa din.

everytime na pinapakinggan ko sila iisipin ko na  , hindi man never , pero matatagalan bago ko sila mapakinggan ulit ng Live.

nung bazooka rocks the crowd chanted “DON’T BREAK UP” and that was one of the best parts, and also these gifs on top, nung di man confirmed pero parang umiyak si nick :(

every parang pause ng song sinasabi nila “We Love You Manila”

I really thought na during this last tour nila marerealize nila na many fans are there for them and hindi na nila itutuloy yung break up, pero wala eh :( final na.  non-revocable .

I read this article from AltPress.com, it was posted last May and  the last question was “Maybe Andrew can call up the Receiving End of Sirens guys and do another album.Maybe Andrew can call up the Receiving End of Sirens guys and do another album”

Answer : Yeah, you know, that’s something Andrew and I talked about [regarding the breakup]. He said that TREOS were [playing to] 300 or 400 kids a night back in their height. Then they took a break, came back and did a reunion, and 2,000 or 3,000 people showed up for the reunion shows. That could be us in a couple years. At least I know a couple thousand kids in the Philippines would be there.[Laughs]. ♥

I will never be okay with A Rocket To The Moon’s break-up. I am so sad since their “last show” here . During their set on Bazooka Rocks 2 i don’t know how many times i’ve cried realizing that this may be the last time i will hear them play live together. The “Don’t Break Up” chant of the crowd is one of the highlights of the show. while we are screaming “Don’t Break up” they are all just looking at us smiling. Nick told us that they don’t know how sooner or how far but they will surely comeback to play for us again. I don’t know what to feel. I know i can still listen to their songs but its different if you know that there will be no album or another EP or another single from ARTTM to look forward to. I am still hoping that they will announce that the band’s break up was a joke or that while touring they have realized that they have many supporters and they will not break up anymore.I’ve been listening to them since I was in High School and i want to thank them for everything that they have done for me and for the most of us. Thank you ARTTM for your music,you all will always be in our hearts. Thank you Nick, Eric, Justin and Andrew.We love you so much and it hurts to see you guys breaking up but we will be waiting for your comeback and please always remember that we are always on your side.

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